City of North Battleford - Saskatchewan

Waste & Recycling

Garbage, recyclables, damaged, broken or old things, hazardous and other items that are simply not needed anymore – even with the best intentions, it is sometimes challenging to find the right place where to dispose of those materials. Convenience and whether or not there is a fee for the disposal are also major factors in making the right decision.

The City of North Battleford is taking all of these aspects into account while at the same time striving to keep costs for taxpayers low, prolong the life of the Waste Management Facility (WMF) and protecting the environment.

The contribution and collaboration of residents and businesses in the community is of utmost importance to achieve these goals: It is the responsibility of each individual to sort any kind of waste and dispose of it at the appropriate locations – be it the garbage or recycling bin, the Waste Management Facility or other places in the City where certain materials are accepted. 

Find more information on the Curbside Program and where to dispose of other materials in this section.

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