City of North Battleford - Saskatchewan

Battlefords RCMP

The Battlefords RCMP Detachment provides policing services to the City of North Battleford, Town of Battleford and surrounding area. Under the command of an Inspector, the police resources are split to provide services based on budget lines.  The overall establishment of the Detachment is 59 full-time members (23 are funded by the Provincial Government or under Community Tripartite Agreements to provide policing services in the rural area).

The City of North Battleford contracts for 36 RCMP member positions and 9 support staff. The Province of Saskatchewan provides an annual grant for seven RCMP positions through the Enhanced Policing Policy Initiative up to a maximum of $770,000. The school divisions provide partial funding for one dedicated School Liaison Position $48,000.

General Duties: Four Watches per day, each consisting of a Corporal Supervisor/Investigator and six Constable Investigators. The watches work 10-12 hour shifts on a rotation and provide policing services to the detachment 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

School Liaison / Crime Prevention: The school liaison officer works in the three North Battleford high schools, to provide educational awareness on police-related issues. The Community Policing member works on community/crime prevention projects.

Two officers work in conjunction with the Provincial ISHOP Program (Intensive Supervision Habitual Offender Program). These officers help supervise youth who are the subject of court-ordered supervision. In addition, they take on the supervision of other youth and adults as time permits.

The Battlefords RCMP Detachment is located on 1052 101st Street in North Battleford. Phone: 306-446-1720

In case of an emergency, call 911.


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