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Protective and Emergency Services

Community Safety is one of the top priorities for the City of North Battleford. For information on the City's Community Safety Strategy, the Community Safety Officers Program, the Battlefords RCMP and the North Battleford Fire Department, click on the links to the right.

CSO/Municipal Enforcement phone number: 306-445-1775

For information on the WPD Ambulance, visit their website.

North Battleford Public Alerts


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Are you prepared for an emergency?

Public Safety Canada suggests that in case of an emergency, residents should be prepared to take care of themselves and their family for a minimum of 72 hours, enabling first responders to focus on those in urgent needs.

Here is what you can do

  1. Sign up for Voyent Alert! our public notification system to receive alerts in case of emergencies or critical events (for North Battleford residents only).
  2. Know the Risks
  3. Make an Emergency Plan
  4. Have an Emergency Survival Kit
Battlefords RCMP


The Battlefords RCMP Detachment is located at 1052-101st Street in North Battleford.

The Battlefords RCMP Detachment provides policing services to the City of North Battleford, Town of Battleford and surrounding area. Under the command of an Inspector, the police resources are split to provide services based on budget lines.  The overall establishment of the Detachment is 59 full-time members (23 are funded by the Provincial Government or under Community Tripartite Agreements to provide policing services in the rural area).

The City of North Battleford contracts for 36 RCMP member positions and 9 support staff. The Province of Saskatchewan provides an annual grant for seven RCMP positions through the Enhanced Policing Policy Initiative up to a maximum of $770,000. The school divisions provide partial funding for one dedicated School Liaison Position $48,000.

General Duties: Four Watches per day, each consisting of a Corporal Supervisor/Investigator and six Constable Investigators. The watches work 10-12 hour shifts on a rotation and provide policing services to the detachment 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

School Liaison / Crime Prevention: The school liaison officer works in the three North Battleford high schools, to provide educational awareness on police-related issues. The Community Policing member works on community/crime prevention projects.

Two officers work in conjunction with the Provincial ISHOP Program (Intensive Supervision Habitual Offender Program). These officers help supervise youth who are the subject of court-ordered supervision. In addition, they take on the supervision of other youth and adults as time permits


Community Safety Officers

CSO/Municipal Enforcement phone number: 306-445-1775

As of June 2017, the City of North Battleford Community Safety Officer (CSO) Program is the first two-tiered system in Canada where a Municipal Bylaw Force is enforcing municipal, provincial and federal legislation.

The Program is an integral part of the City’s Community Safety Strategy and was launched in 2014, in conjunction with the Province of Saskatchewan. 

Community Safety Officers are distinct and separate from regular RCMP members, and they are considered to be a municipal element to assist the Battlefords RCMP Detachment.   

Duties of the CSOs include nine acts under Part V of the Saskatchewan Police Act of 1990 as well as the following enhanced duties, that came into effect June 1, 2017: 

  • Authority to investigate certain low-risk, not-in-progress Criminal Code offences, such as vandalism or theft under $5,000
  • Authority to investigate certain reportable, non-injury motor vehicle collisions within the city limits of North Battleford

These changes divert such investigations to the CSOs, thereby freeing RCMP recourses to manage much more serious investigations or crimes-in-progress.

The City of North Battleford is proud to be the pioneer in the CSO Program and looks forward to the continuing service and support of all Community Safety Officers as the program continues to grow and evolve.

Is the City prepared for an emergency?

A new Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) was completed in 2011. The facility, located at the Cameron McIntosh Airport, includes a reorganized space and updated office technology. The EOC is vital when it comes to protecting the lives of North Battleford residents, their families, property and the environment. The EOC will serve as North Battleford's multi-agency command centre should any large-scale emergency arise.

The North Battleford Fire Department, along with numerous other City Departments and staff frequently practice emergency scenarios to ensure everyone knows their role should a major emergency take place.

North Battleford Fire Department



Emergency: 911
Switchboard: 306-445-1770

Fire Chief's Message

NBDF Fire Chief Lindsay Holm

The North Battleford Fire Department is a progressive, proactive organization consisting of a highly trained team of professionals dedicated to providing an outstanding level of, Emergency Response (suppression), Public Education and Awareness, Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement, to promote and enhance community well-being and safety in the protection of the citizens of North Battleford. The North Battleford Fire Department is responsible for the protection of lives and property for approximately 14,000 people within the corporate limits of the City.

The North Battleford Fire Department is a combination fire department staffed by career and paid-on-call firefighters. Coverage for the citizens of North Battleford is provided day and night 365 days per year by a Director of Protective Services/Fire Chief, 1 Deputy Chief, 1 Administrative Assistant, 12 career firefighters (four shifts of three Firefighters), and 15-20 paid-on-call firefighters.  

Career firefighters are augmented by our paid-on-call firefighters for structural fires and major incidents within the City. A call-back of off-duty personnel is initiated through our Provincial Communication network. Our Emergency Communication Centre (ECC) provides the necessary framework to ensure citizen and firefighter safety through an accountability and benchmark program in order to mitigate emergency incidents and achieve successful outcomes.

The North Battleford Fire Department manages by measurable objectives to promote fire prevention and educational services throughout our community using the three lines of defence: Public Education and Awareness, Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement, Fire Suppression.

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