City of North Battleford - Saskatchewan

Schools in North Battleford

Elementary and High School

The Living Sky School Division (LSSD), Light of Christ Catholic School Division (LOCCSD), Sakawew High School and Ecole Pere Mercure (CEF) provide primary and secondary education. There are three high schools and nine elementary schools within the City of North Battleford.

Living Sky School Division (LSSD): 306-937-7702

Light of Christ Catholic School Division (LOCCSD): 306-445-6158

Sakewew High School: 306-445-6800

École Père Mercure, Conseil des Ecoles Fransaskoises (C.E.F.): 877-273-6661

Post Secondary Education

North West Regional College (NWRC) and the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (S.I.I.T.) provide post-secondary courses. North West Regional College also provides some University of Saskatchewan (U of S) and University of Regina (U of R) courses. 

North West College (NWC): 306-937-5100

Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (S.I.I.T.): 306-445-4890

University of Saskatchewan (U of S): 306-966-4343

University of Regina (U of R): 306-585-4111