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Real Christmas Trees accepted until January 31 January 3, 2018

Until January 31, the City of North Battleford will be accepting live Christmas trees at the Parks Shop at 11202 8th Avenue. To recycle the tree at no cost, residents just need to follow the “Trees” sign at the Shop.

However, it is extremely important to remove all decorations from the tree before dropping it off: ornaments, lights, string, wire, tinsel, fake snow and bags.

Staff at the Parks Shop will eventually chip the trees into mulch and use it in City owned tree and shrub beds in the spring. This improves the growth of the plants by retaining moisture and at the same time suppresses the growth of weed. If decorations are not removed from the tree prior to drop-off, the material can damage the mulching equipment and become mixed in the mulch, which degrades its usefulness.

For more information:

Susanne Abe, Communication Coordinator, 306-445-1710

Secret Santa decorates Downtown trees December 22, 2017

“I make downtown inviting for citizens and tourists.”  “I am happy to be rooted here.” "Thank you for planting me, City of North Battleford.”

These are just three of the notes that you can currently read on star-shaped tree ornaments beautifying the newly planted trees in Downtown North Battleford.

Ryan MacKrell, City Planner, is excited to see the public interact with the space in a unique and positive way. “These reactions validate the work that goes in to planning the redevelopment of Downtown”, he says. “I hope, as we continue to work Downtown, more people will have connections like this.”

We don’t know who this Secret Santa is (and he probably had help from his elves, too), but we would like to thank them for taking the time out of their busy schedules to create these ornaments and decorate the trees.


For more information:

Susanne Abe, Communication Coordinator, 306-445-1710

Ryan MacKrell, City Planner, 306-445-1705

Sensor Light Installations begin for Eyes That Care December 4, 2017

On December 4, 2017, The North Battleford Fire Department installed the first motion sensor security light as part of the Eyes That Care program. Eyes That Care is a program the city launched where North Battleford residents receive a motion sensor security light free of charge. In exchange, residents are asked to sign an agreement that includes taking some common-sense steps to prevent property crimes such as thefts from vehicles and buildings by locking vehicles, buildings and valuables away. Registrations are already in the hundreds with more every day.

The recipient of the first installed light was Sarah Cole, who lives on 107th Street. Regarding Eyes That Care, Sarah said “It’s a great program that meets a real need in the community”.

Sarah was greeted Monday afternoon by several North Battleford firefighters, all of whom will be installing lights. Firefighter James Bright performed the job and the whole process was completed in under 15 minutes. The team looks forward to putting these lights up all around the city.

City Manager Jim Puffalt says, “This is one of the ways that residents can become part of the team that is combating crime. Taking these simple steps to protect property can provide very immediate results, as preventable property crime in North Battleford is one of the highest in the country.“

To sign up for the Eyes That Care Program, visit or download the form using the link below:

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Change in hours City Hall will be open to the public November 22, 2017

Starting Monday, November 27th, City Hall will be open to the public from 9:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. This change will allow staff to complete some daily duties without interruption. The main reception number of 306-445-1700 will continue to be answered during normal business hours.

We encourage the public to consider recurring methods of payment such as W.I.P.P.S. (Water Installment Payment Plan System) and T.I.P.P.S. (Tax Installment Payment Plan System) to reduce the need to visit City Hall. Additionally, consult your bank for online payment methods.

To sign up or for more information about T.I.P.P.S. call: 306-445-1706 For W.I.P.P.S. call: 306-445-1707

For more information:

Robert Oberlander, Communication Coordinator Tel: 306-445-1710 |

Jim Puffalt, City Manager Tel: 306-445-1727 |

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North Battleford’s Plan for Snow Removal November 17, 2017

City Graders worked throughout the day and into the evening and are targeting high traffic areas of downtown and other priority roads. Roads will be plowed to the middle of street and leaving windrows which will be cleared next week.

The City also plans to have crews working over the weekend to get the downtown completed. Neighbourhood parking restrictions will be strictly enforced next week as the residential streets will be cleared.

Residents are reminded to clear their sidewalks and that clearing snow from driveways into the street is not permitted.

For more information:

Robert Oberlander, Communication Coordinator Tel: 306-445-1710 | J

im Puffalt, City Manager Tel: 306-445-1727 |

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High Turnout at first Town Hall Community Safety Meeting  November 8, 2017

On November 8th, 2017, the Connaught School at 902-107th Street hosted the first of several Town Hall Community Safety Meetings. These meetings are an opportunity for residents to come out and learn about the programs the City and some of its partners are offering in North Battleford. Programs featured at this meeting included the Citizens on Patrol, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), Battlefords Victims Services and Eyes That Care.

The event was well attended as 30 residents signed up for Eyes That Care and most received their free Security Light, CPTED representatives noticed very strong interest in Formalizing Neighbourhoods proposals and Citizens on Patrol signed up new members as well as registered multiple security cameras in their Security Camera Registry.

Community Safety Coordinator Herb Sutton says, “It was encouraging to see so many people come out, learn more about some of the programs being worked on, and make a commitment to participate; this is an important part of the community safety plan.”

City Manager Jim Puffalt says “What a great opportunity to discuss the programs with our residents. Our 1st shipment of lights was picked up the afternoon of the event and we Mayor Ryan Bater with the poster and security motion sensor that come with signing up for Eyes That Care will have them delivered to all the residents that signed up previously in the next few weeks. People are genuinely excited about the chance to join the team that is working to drive preventable crimes down. We look forward to more chances to meet people in our Neighbourhoods”

If you are interested in attending the next Town Hall Community Safety Meeting, it will be at John Paul II Collegiate on Wednesday, November 15th from 5:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. Also, if you would like to sign up for Citizens on Patrol, the Security Camera Registry or Eyes That Care visit or call City Hall at 306-445-1700.

For more information:

Robert Oberlander, Communication Coordinator Tel: 306-445-1710 |

Jim Puffalt, City Manager Tel: 306-445-1727 |

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Snow Conditions Reminder November 2, 2017

The City advises all downtown businesses have 24 hours after a snowfall to clear their sidewalks. Also, note residents have 48 hours after a snowfall for their sidewalk to be cleared as well.

Downtown Showcase October 11, 2017

Please see the attached media release regarding the Downtown Showcase October 16th.

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Eyes That Care October 3, 2017

Please see the attached Media Release

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VIMY Flight Mural October 2, 2017

Please see the attached media release regarding the VIMY Memorial Mural.

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