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Fire Ban In Effect
Open-air burning (burning outside of an approved fire pit) is prohibited until further notice
April 25th 2022

The City of North Battleford has been placed under a fire ban due to the current dry conditions and high winds.

North Battleford Fire Chief Lindsay Holm stated that “the Fire Department has already attended one large grass fire, and the fire ban is precautionary. The spring melt has resulted in wet soil. However, dormant grass and dead vegetation from winter is a significant fire risk.”

The fire ban means controlled burning and any kind of burning, outside of an approved fire pit is prohibited until further notice.

In conditions such as these, Chief Holm encourages North Battleford residents to make their properties as fire safe as possible. “Keep dry vegetation and combustibles away from buildings, be cautious with discarded smoking materials, and please report any suspicious activity or fires started to the RCMP and/or Municipal Enforcement.”

The Fire Department approves the use of legal fire pits, for which a fire pit permit is required. Fire permits can be obtained from the Fire Department, as long as extreme caution is exercised:

  • Maintain close supervision of the fire
  • Have an adequate supply of water available to extinguish or control the fire
  • Properly extinguish the fire after use
  • Pay close attention to wind conditions and potential spark hazards

Open-air burning (burning outside of an approved fire pit) is prohibited until further notice.

Contact the North Battleford Fire Department at 306-445-1770 with any concerns or questions.

For more information:

Dustin Tungilik MacDonald, Communications Administrator
306-445-1713 |

Lindsay Holm, Fire Chief / Director Of Protective Services
306-445-1777 |


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