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Christmas Fire Safety Tips December 11, 2019

The Holiday Season marks a special time for families and friends to get together, but it’s also a time of increased risk of fire. The celebration of the season brings with it increased use of electric lights, decorations, and candles – all of which can be potential fire hazards. By following a few simple tips, you can ensure a happy and fire-safe Holiday Season.

The Christmas Tree

Get a freshly cut tree. It will stay green longer and be less of a fire hazard. Try to pick a tree with a strong green colour and noticeable fragrance. Always test for freshness before buying. A tree with high moisture content is safer. Very few needles should fall when the butt of the tree is tapped on the ground; needles should bend, not break; and the stump should be sticky with resin.

Place the tree in a stand that will hold 2 to 3 litres of water and top it up daily. Make sure it is always immersed in water: If water drops below the trunk, the stem may reseal itself, requiring a fresh cut. Use a tree stand that has widespread legs for better balance.

Do not set your tree up near a heat source such as a radiator, television, fireplace, heating duct or sunny window. It should not block doors. Never use lighted candles on the tree.


  • Choose decorations that are flame-retardant, non-combustible and non-conductive. If there are young children or pets in your home, avoid very small decorations.

  • Avoid using angel hair (glass wool) together with spray-on snowflakes. This combination is highly combustible.

  • Do not use metallic ornaments on the tree. If they make contact with defective wiring they could become a shock hazard.


  • Use the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certified light strings/sets.

  • Use the proper lights for the environment. Indoor light strings/sets should not be used outdoors because they lack weatherproof connections. Some outdoor light strings/sets burn too hot indoors.

  • Inspect light strings/set before use. Check for cracked bulbs and for frayed, broken or exposed wires, and discard if faulty.

  • Do not use electric light strings/sets on metallic trees. A faulty system could energize the tree and shock or electrocute anyone coming into contact. Illuminate metallic trees with coloured floodlights placed at a safe distance from the tree and out of reach.

  • Turn off all tree and display lights before retiring for the night or before leaving the house.


  • Place candles away from anything that could catch fire.

  • Never leave burning candles unattended.

  • Burn them only when a responsible adult is overseeing the flame.

  • Put candles in sturdy holders on a stable surface, well away from drafts, curtains, children and pets.

  • Snuff them out before leaving the room or going to sleep.

The Kitchen

Grease and fat fires are a leading cause of home fires in Canada, be extra careful when doing this kind of cooking. Here's what to do if grease in a pot or pan catches fire:

  • Smother the flames by covering the pan with a lid;

  • Turn off the heat immediately;

  • Use baking soda (flour can be explosive) on shallow grease fires;

  • Never turn on the overhead fan, as this could spread the fire;

  • Never throw water on a grease fire.

The Fireplace

  • Never burn gift wrappings, boxes, cartons, or other types of packing in the fireplace. They burn too rapidly and generate far too much heat.

  • Don't hang Christmas stockings from the mantel when the fireplace is in use.

  • Always use a screen in front of the fireplace to protect against flying sparks.

  • Never use gasoline or any other flammable liquids to start a fire.

  • Use only seasoned and dried wood.

  • Never leave the fire unattended or let it smoulder.

  • Clean the ashes regularly. Place the ashes in a metal container and store outside away from flammable materials.

  • Don't use Christmas trees for firewood.

Electrical Outlets

  • There is often a tendency to overload wall outlets during the holiday season. This is an unsafe practice and should be avoided even for a short duration.

  • Inspect all cords before using them. Make sure they are CSA certified. Look for loose connections or frayed or exposed wire. Discard any defective cords. Read the labels and manufacturer's instructions to ensure proper use.

  • Insert plugs fully into outlets. Poor contact may cause overheating or shock.

  • To avoid possible overheating, do not coil or bunch an extension cord which is in use and do not run it under carpets or rugs.

The North Battleford Fire Department asks that you practise fire safety at all times by having a plan to escape your home in the event of a fire, practice that plan, install smoke alarms in every sleeping room and on every floor of your home and to test your smoke alarms at least monthly.

We wish you a joyous and safe holiday season!

For more information:

Lindsay Holm, Fire Chief / Director of Protective Services
306-445-1777 |

Dustin Tungilik MacDonald, Communications Administrator
306-445-1713 |

City of North Battleford Holiday Hours December 11, 2019

Listed below are the holiday hours of operation for the City of North Battleford facilities including City Hall, the NationsWEST Field House, Battlefords CO-OP Aquatic Centre, Allen Sapp Gallery, The Chapel Gallery, Civic Centre Arena, Don Ross Arena, Don Ross Community Centre, Central Booking and the Waste Management Facility. Not listed are regular business hours.

  • December 24th – Christmas Eve – closing time 3:00 pm

  • December 25th – Christmas Day – all public facilities closed

  • December 26th – Boxing Day – all public facilities closed

  • December 31st – New Year’s Eve – closing time 3:00 pm

  • January 1st – New Year’s Day – all public facilities closed

Alternative Waste Pickup Dates

Please note that there will be alternative waste pickup dates for some residents because of the holidays. Visit our website and enter your address to find out what days your waste pickup days are. Alternatively, download the free Recycle Coach app for your mobile device and never miss a waste pickup day again.

For more information:

Dustin Tungilik MacDonald, Communications Administrator

Council Agenda for Dec. 9 December 9, 2019

Here is the agenda for tonight's Council meeting.

Council meetings are open to the public. The meeting starts at 6:15 pm, at Council Chambers in City Hall.

UPDATED Budget 2020 Deliberation Schedule November 29, 2019

Listed below are the anticipated agendas for the Budget 2020 deliberations. They will take place in Council Chambers at City Hall and are open for the public to attend. The 2020 Budget has a 2% increase included for taxes and utilities.

Unfunded Budget Request

Session 1December 2, 2019

5:00 pm to 5:10 pm – General overview of budget

5:10 pm to 5:30 pm – Empty Stocking Fund presentation

5:30 pm to 5:50 pm – Transit presentation

5:50 pm to 6:10 pm – North Battleford Boys & Girls Club presentation

6:10 pm to 6:30 pm – Concern for Youth presentation

6:30 pm to 6:50 pm – Midwest Food Resources presentation

6:50 pm to 7:10 pm – NB Golf and Country Club presentation

7:10 pm to 7:30 pm – Battlefords & Area Sexual Assault Centre presentation

7:30 pm to 7:50 pm – The Lighthouse North Battleford presentation

7:50 pm to 8:00 pm – Twin Rivers Curling Club presentation

8:00 pm to 8:30 pm – Police Services

8:30 pm to 9:00 pm – Fire & Protective Services


Session 2 - December 11, 2019

5:00 pm to 6:30 pm – Public Forum

6:30 pm to 7:00 pm – General Government

7:00 pm to 7:30 pmLeisure Services

7:30 pm to 8:00 pm – Public Works


Session 3 – December 16, 2019

5:00 pm to 6:00 pm – Planning & Development

Please Note:

All groups or individuals planning to attend the public forum on December 11th must register with the City Clerk no later than Wednesday, December 4, 2019. Presentation time will be restricted to a maximum of 7 minutes with additional time allotted for questions from Council.

The Budget document is available on the City website at the following link:

For more information:

Margarita Pena, Finance Manager
306-445-1716 |

Debbie Wohlberg, City Clerk / Director of Legislative Services
9 |

Council Agenda for Nov. 25 November 25, 2019

Here is the agenda for tonight's Council meeting.

Council meetings are open to the public. The meeting starts at 6:15 pm, at Council Chambers in City Hall.

Financial Partnerships November 15, 2019

Throughout the past year, the City of North Battleford has been partnering with local non-profit and indigenous organizations to reduce operational costs.

A recent banking partnership with the Battle River Treaty 6 Health Centre (BRT6HC) has resulted in significant financial improvements for the BRT6HC and the City of North Battleford.

Eligible organizations, like the North Battleford Golf and Country Club, Dekker Centre for the Performing Arts, Twin Rivers Curling Club, North Battleford City Kinsmen Band and the Downtown Bid have to date collectively saved tens of thousands of dollars. These community groups and not-for-profit organizations have joined the City of North Battleford in realizing significant savings by forming a large purchasing group. This purchasing group results in savings when purchasing from Bee-J’s Office Plus for office and janitorial supplies as well as insurance savings through the City’s SUMAssure insurance policy.

These partnerships are reducing expenditures for all parties and keeping money in local businesses. These cost-saving partnerships are an investment in the Battlefords, community services and in our local businesses.

For more information:

Ryan Bater, City of North Battleford Mayor
306-445-1728 |

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Planning Committee Meeting Time November 15, 2019

Please be advised that the Planning Committee meeting on November 18th, 2019, will start at 5:15 pm.

5:15 pm is the new start time of the meeting for all Planning Committee meetings.

Joint Parks & Recreation Master Plan November 14, 2019

The City of North Battleford and the Town of Battleford Joint Parks and Recreation Maters Plan requires your input. A postcard will be sent to residents with an access code that is required to access the survey. The survey will be available next week on this page
Please read the Project notice at the PDF link below.

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Council Agenda for Nov. 12 November 12, 2019

Here is the agenda for tonight's Council meeting.

Council meetings are open to the public. The meeting starts at 6:15 pm, at Council Chambers in City Hall.

Remembrance Day Parade November 11, 2019

The Remembrance Day parade will take place on Monday, November 11th from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm.

Starting from 14th Avenue at 100th Street it will proceed to 13th Avenue. It will continue on 13th Avenue to 96th Street. From there it will go to John Paul Collegiate for the Remembrance Day ceremonies. After the ceremonies, the parade will return to 100th Street along 15th Avenue.

Red: Street Closures | Purple: Alley Closures | Blue: Partial Closures<

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