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Changes to Recycling Program April 16, 2018

Until 2018, China was the main recipient of the world's recycable plastics. But the country has stopped accepting almost all foreign materials - including that of Canadian municipalities. This means that plastic film/stretchable plastic is no longer a recyclable material.

As of April 2018, residents in North Battleford are asked to please put all items made out of stretchable plastic into the black garbage bin instead of the blue recycle bin. This material will now be disposed of at the local Waste Management Facility.

Please find more information here:

April 28: Household Hazardous Waste Day April 12, 2018

Household Hazardous Waste Day: April 28 from 9am to 4pm at the Public Works Shop (11112 6th Avenue).

Please find a List of accepted Materials here:

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Time to nominate a Neighbourhood Champion April 10, 2018

Many "Snow Birds" have now returned to their North Battleford residents and found their homes well taken care of by their neighbours, friends or family members. Maybe without even knowing, these individuals make a huge contribution to Community Safety in our City. And it's time to recognize these individuals as a Neighbourhood Champion.

Please find more details in the attached news release.

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April 18: Community Safety Pop Up April 10, 2018

Come to our first 2018 Community Safety Pop Up on April 18 from 5-7 PM at St. Mary School (library). Learn and get involved in our Community Safety Initiatives likes Eyes That Care, Citizens on Patrol and Security Camera Registry and our CPTED projects such as Formalized Neighbourhoods, Block Parties and Street Murals.

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BATC and City announce Joint Indigenous Employment Strategy  April 2, 2018

Battlefords Agency Tribal Chiefs (BATC) and the City of North Battleford are thrilled to announce and kick off their Joint Indigenous Employment Strategy (JIES); starting today, 8 work experience staff from BATC who were selected by the two partners based on their skill levels, will commence their work placement at the City of North Battleford.

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City Manager Recruited  March 27, 2018

Mayor Ryan Bater announced today that City Manager Jim Puffalt has been recruited to become the City Manager in Moose Jaw, leaving the City of North Battleford in May 2018.

Find all details in the attached news release.

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Ski Trail Conditions - Update March 21, 2018

The snow is melting and the ski trails in the City of North Battleford and on Finlayson Island are in poor conditions now.

Council to review several proposed changes to the Zoning Bylaw March 20, 2018

At last night's Planning Committee meeting, Council preliminarily discussed proposed amendments to the City's Zoning Bylaw. The proposed amendments will be formally introduced at the upcoming Council meeting on March 26.

Please find details in the attached news release.

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Be Prepared for the Snow Melt March 13, 2018

It feels like spring these days in the Battlefords. The warm weather, combined with the opulent amount of snow, will likely result in a significant snow melt. As crews continue to clear and haul snow off City streets and parking lots, we would like to share seven tips on how to be prepared for the snow melt as a resident.

Please see the attached news release for more information.

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You are invited: Planning & Development Pop Up, March 21 March 13, 2018

Planning & Development Pop Up: March 21 from 4 - 7 PM at the Civic Centre.

- Come and talk to our Planning and Development Team about 2018 projects in North Battleford.

- If you are planning to build or renovate this year, take this opportunity to talk to our Permit Clerk.

- Sign up for our Community Safety initiatives like the Security Camera Registry or Eyes That Care and receive your free motion sensor light right there (Eyes That Care).

- Learn about CPTED initiatives like formalized neighbourhoods, street murals and block parties (CPTED stands for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design).

And if that is not draw enough, we will also have free T-Shirts for the first 50 guests and free Pizza and juice throughout the afternoon.for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design).

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