City of North Battleford - Saskatchewan
Snow Removal
City crews require the cooperation of all residents to provide snow removal services safely and quickly
November 15th 2022

Our Roadways Department is busy removing snow from city streets. Maintaining an efficient transportation network is the City’s top priority. City crews require the cooperation of all residents to provide snow removal services safely and quickly to the community.

When shovelling snow, do not push the snow onto the roadway. Snow pushed onto the roadway creates a hazard for drivers. When snow mounds freeze, they become harder for plows to move and may also cause damage to the plow. Removing your vehicle during on-street parking restriction days will ensure crews are able to adequately clear and remove snow from the street.


The following precautions will ensure the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and our snow removal crews:

  • Give space to snow equipment, operators may not see you if you are too close
  • Respect street closures for street cleaning, find alternative routes
  • Adjust for winter driving conditions

Plow operations

Our snowplows can only hold back a maximum of 20 feet of snow. If you have a driveway wider than 20 feet, our operator will use their judgment when releasing the snow gate. Only half of a double-wide driveway will be cleared, if two double wide driveways are next to each other. Additionally, if your driveway is next to an alley, the alley will be prioritized. To maintain scheduling, operators are unable to make second passes for properties.


A windrow is a pile of snow that gathers at the edge of the road during plowing. A windrow is allowed to cover 50% of the sidewalk. If a windrow covers less than 50% sidewalk in front of your property, the windrow becomes the edge of the sidewalk. Clear snow from the sidewalk to that new edge. Any windrow snow that falls onto your property can be shovelled back onto the windrow. More information about windrows is available on our FAQ page.

Service Tracker

Request regarding windrow should be made on our Service Tracker, if:

  • The windrow is taller than 30 cm in front of your driveway or
  • it covers more than 50% of the sidewalk.

Please be kind

Our Roadway crews are doing their best to clear snow throughout the city. Threats to city crews will be reported immediately to the RCMP.

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