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City of North Battleford responds to 2021 Crime Severity Index ranking
City releases official statement on ranking
August 5th 2022

For immediate release
August 5, 2022

The City of North Battleford is ranked at the top of the 2021 Crime Severity Index (CSI) for communities of a population of 10,000 or greater. There is, however, some good news in the numbers. The City is encouraged to note that its considerable efforts and resources directed toward a reduction in violent crimes over the past number of years have paid dividends – in 2021, the CSI indicates that violent crimes in the city have dropped nearly 7.5%, while increasing provincially.

 The City’s reduction in violent crime was achieved from a partnership of City & provincial resources like Community Safety Officers, SCAN (Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods, which is for specific monitoring and reporting of suspected drug and prostitution houses), and RCMP units like the Gang Task Force and the Crime Reduction Team.

Provincially in 2021, crime rates are trending upward, with an overall increase in crime at 2.9%, a 3.7% increase in violent crime, and a 2.5% in non-violent crimes. Across Saskatchewan, RCMP largely attribute an escalation in property and less-violent crimes to situations in which they know individuals are likely to be struggling with addiction. North Battleford Mayor David Gillan notes that the City of North Battleford is no different.

“The escalation in non-violent crimes is concerning and it is something that we’ve heard over the past year at our quarterly reports from local RCMP at Council meetings,” commented Mayor Gillan.

“While the City is pleased to see its intentional efforts at reduction of violent crimes is paying off, the increase in crimes of opportunity is troubling. As residents, we can all do our part to ensure that the crimes of opportunity are lessened – lock your house doors, do not store items in your vehicles, and remove your keys from your vehicles. It is important to be vigilant as we strive to continue improving the general safety and security of the City.”

The City of North Battleford will continue to work with all agencies tasked with the wellbeing and safety of its residents, including with various levels of government on initiatives like enhanced supports for those struggling with mental health and/or addictions.

To report a non-emergency matter or unsightly properties, contact Community Safety Officers/Bylaw Enforcement at 306-445-1775. To report a suspected drug den for further observation, contact SCAN at 1-855-933-6411 or file a report here. To contact the Battlefords RCMP for non-emergencies, call 306-446-1720. For an emergency, dial 9-1-1.


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