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Smart Water Meter Progress
Approximately 59% of installations are complete
January 6th 2022

Since the Water Meter Conversion program began in March 2021, approximately 59% of installations of Smart Water Meters are complete. All areas of the City are currently booking installations with the exception of properties with known ¾” meters. The City expects that a shipment of ¾” meters will arrive later this month. As additional ¾” meters arrive KTI will be contacting utility account holders to schedule appointments.  

Book Your Appointment

The Water Meter Conversion program requires all residents to book an installation appointment. Appointments are offered Monday through Saturday with morning, afternoon and evening times available. All installations are scheduled in 4-hour blocks unless otherwise agreed upon. 

4-hour appointment blocks are consistent with many utility providers and account for installer efficiencies and delays which limit accurate appointments. A normal meter installation will take between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Prior to your appointment, please ensure that your water meter is accessible. Meters that are inaccessible require that homeowners provide access at their cost as per Bylaw Waterworks 1706. 

Book your Smart Meter Installation appointment by calling KTI at 

1-833-543-8807 or online at 

Your booking password is your utility account number and is included with the notifications mailed to your address. 


The meters are being upgraded from ageing analog meters that are nearing their end-of-service-life to digital Smart Water Meters. 

The current analog meters may not detect small leaks which could cost additional money and resources for residents. The new meters provide on-demand information regarding water usage and detailed statistics of previous use, giving residents and the City more accurate tools to detect water leaks on their property. The City is actively contacting property owners with leak detection (high water consumption) alarms and has already contacted over 20 properties to date where the average leak is costing utility account holders upwards of $30/day. Further, the new meters allow the City to optimize water infrastructure and reduce our environmental footprint. 

Upgrade Process 

Households or businesses that have received a minimum of three written notices to book an appointment to install the smart water meter and have failed to do so will have their water shut off, as per Bylaw Waterworks 1706 until an appointment has been booked. Delays to the project because of the individuals failing to book appointments will cause additional costs to all ratepayers. 

COVID-19 Safety Measures 

The health and safety of our citizens and of our installers is a priority of this project. Our installers are fully vaccinated and follow detailed COVID-19 plans and precautions to help keep you and themselves safe. KTI Ltd COVID practices are available on our website at   


Several commercial properties will receive notice that meter bypasses have been identified on their premises. As per Bylaw Waterworks 1706, bypasses are not permitted and require removal at the account holder’s expense. 

Residents seeking more information regarding the Smart Water Meter installation program may visit or

For more information

David D’Eon, Public Relations

306 445-9155 |

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