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Putting the Brakes on Stunt Driving
Keep our community safe and your vehicle in your control.
October 19th 2021

City of North Battleford Community Safety Officers (CSO’s) have noted an increase in stunt driving within the City. Stunt driving includes dangerous driving acts such as racing or activity that is likely to distract, startle or interfere with other motorists. Stunting is illegal on all roadways and in parking lots.

Excessive speeds and dangerous manoeuvers put everyone on or near the roadway in danger. Stunt driving increases the potential dangers of seriously injuring or killing someone.


The penalties for stunt driving are:

  • $150 fine;

  • Four (4) demerit points under the Safe Driver Recognition and Driver Improvement Programs; and,

  • Second and subsequent offences (after a previous conviction within 12 months) result in three-day vehicle impounding

Put the brakes on stunt driving. Keep our community safe and your vehicle in your control.

For more information:

Dustin Tungilik MacDonald, Communications Administrator
306-445-1713 |


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