City of North Battleford - Saskatchewan
Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities
Signing Event
June 30th 2021

On June 30th, 2021, City of North Battleford Mayor David Gillan and Town of Battleford Mayor Ames Leslie, in a joint declaration signing ceremony on Finlayson Island, officially join the Canadian Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities membership alongside eighty-two other Canadian municipalities who are dedicated to the elimination of racial discrimination, the promotion of social inclusion, and supportive of human rights and diversity.

Racism, discrimination, and exclusion are significant barriers in society that substantially impacts our multicultural groups and marginalized populations in all facets of their lives. Committing to the implementation of policy and programming that is dedicated to improving the cultural fabric of our region while building an inclusive Battlefords is a benefit to us all.

The City and Town will each develop their own unique plans of action to meet the 10 Common Commitments of the Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities. Those commitments are:

The Municipality as a guardian of the public interest

  1. Increase vigilance against systemic and individual racism and discrimination.

  2. Monitor racism and discrimination in the community more broadly as well as municipal actions taken to address racism and discrimination.

  3. Inform and support individuals who experience racism and discrimination.

  4. Support policing services in their efforts to be exemplary institutions in combating racism and discrimination.

The Municipality as an organization in the fulfillment of human rights

  1. Provide equal opportunities as a municipal employer, service provider and contractor

  2. Support measures to promote equality in the labour market.

  3. Support measures to challenge racism and discrimination and promote diversity and equal opportunity in housing.

The Municipality as a community sharing responsibility for respecting and promoting human rights and diversity

  1. Involve citizens by giving them a voice in anti-racism initiatives and decision-making.

  2. Support measures to challenge racism and discrimination and promote diversity and equal opportunity in the education sector and in other forms of learning.

  3. Promote respect, understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity and the inclusion of Aboriginal and radicalized communities into the cultural fabric of the municipality.

Mayor Gillan on signing the declaration

Municipalities around the world are joining an international movement willing to take up the challenge of creating inclusive, equitable municipal organizations and communities free of racism and discrimination. The City of North Battleford is committed to a shared process of learning and exchange to advance work within our community that leads to access, inclusion, equity and justice for all residents”.

The City would like to thank the Town of Battleford for being a partner in this commitment to improving our region.


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