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Lawn Care Tips
Keeping your lawn healthy will make it less vulnerable to pests and weeds
June 2nd 2021

With the onset of hot weather, the City of North Battleford has the following lawn care tips for residents to achieve a healthy lawn.

  • Water deeply: Unless it rains, water 2.5 to 4 cm per week, this will ensure deep root growth. Too much water starves the soil of oxygen to the roots.

  • Mow high: Cut your grass to a height of 6 to 8 cm. Use a sharp blade, a dull blade will tear the grass which leads to increased water loss and will increase the chance of disease. This height promotes growth and prevents weeds.

  • Feed: Feed your lawn with compost and leave the clippings. Clippings provide up to 50% of your lawn’s need for nitrogen.

  • Aerate: Ideally in the fall, aerate compact soil. This helps air, water and nutrients reach the roots more easily.

Keeping your lawn healthy will make it less vulnerable to pests and weeds. While grass is normally drought resistant, an extended time without water can turn a lawn brown and give the appearance that it has died, when it has gone dormant to protect the root system. Regular watering will prevent grass from going dormant. Prolonged dormancy or frequent growth/dormant cycles can permanently damage your grass.

When to Water

According to expert’s early morning between 4:00 am and 10:00 am is the best time to water your lawn. The next best time to water your lawn is in the evening. Avoid watering overnight as that may contribute to lawn diseases. Watering in the middle of the day results in evaporation from heat and wind, requiring more water use, increasing your utility bill.

The odd/even watering schedule was eliminated by the City of North Battleford in June 2020. Watering of lawns can be done on any day as needed.

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