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2021 Water Line Flushing
“WATER MAIN FLUSHING” signs present on your block indicate that you will be affected by the unidirectional flushing that night
April 27th 2021

The City of North Battleford will begin the 2021 unidirectional flushing on Monday, May 10th with an estimated end date of Monday, May 24th. The benefits of unidirectional flushing maintenance ensure that the City’s water distribution lines are operating efficiently and water quality is optimal.

Unidirectional flushing is done by moving water through the lines at a high velocity creating a scouring action. Water is then discharged, removing any material buildup from the line. The material removed from the lines through the flushing process is harmless and requires no special treatment.

Maher Park, McIntosh Park, Kinsmen Park, Riverview neighbourhoods, Downtown and parts of the Paciwin, Sapp Valley and Centennial Park neighbourhoods will all be affected by the Water Main Flushing.

WATER MAIN FLUSHING” signs present on your block indicate that you will be affected by the unidirectional flushing that night. You can continue with normal water use until 7:00 pm that evening. In some cases, water main flushing of a block may take a few nights. In these cases, residents may use the water as normal from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Follow these tips to protect your home and goods from discoloured water and sediment produced from the flushing process:

  • Do not use any taps after 7:00 pm

  • Fill your bathtub or pails before 7:00 pm for water to manually flush toilets

  • Set aside a store of water for washing hands, washing dishes and consumption

  • Turn off your water softeners, freezer or any other devices that may use water

  • Run the water from an outside tap for 10-minutes or until the water runs clear (if necessary)

  • Restart your water softener, freezer and any other devices that were turned off

Water tap use or toilet flushing while the unidirectional flushing is active can result in stained laundry, plugged filters, and damage to water heaters. The City will not assume responsibility for damages.

If you use medical equipment requiring continuous water supply, please call City Hall immediately. If you are a commercial customer that operates during the flushing hours, please contact City Hall for more information.


Map of 2021 Water Main Flushing locations and progress updates

For more information:

Dustin Tungilik MacDonald, Communications Administrator
306-445-1713 |

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