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North Battleford an Inclusive City
It is our goal to be an inclusive community where our cultural diversity and history is embraced and celebrated
March 23rd 2021

On behalf of Mayor and Council, we wish to declare unequivocally that racism is unacceptable under any circumstances and that we as a City cannot allow racism in any form to be a part of our community. Unfortunately, there have been too many examples of people who do not share this value for reasons we cannot begin to understand. In response, we are asking residents and the community to stand with us in stopping this scourge on our society.

Late last week, the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission (CRCC) released a report into the RCMP investigation surrounding the death of Mr. Colten Boushie. In reference to the Commission’s findings, a report in the Globe and Mail stated that Ms. Baptiste, Colten's mother, said "it feels good that we were heard.” As Council of North Battleford, we are encouraged to see that this report identified significant issues requiring improvement within the RCMP. The RCMP stated that 16 of the 17 CRCC report recommendations have been implemented and the 17th recommendation will be implemented by April of 2021. The RCMP provides policing services to regional Rural Municipalities and First Nations, but they are also contracted by the City to provide policing services within our community.

The City expects RCMP and City services to be delivered professionally. Not in a manner that may be 'linked to a stereotypical understanding of Indigenous peoples' as an approach of that nature is discriminatory, simple-minded, and racist. The City is heartened to see that our contracted police service is committed to implementing the required internal changes and espousing an inclusive and culturally accepting approach in their service delivery.

As a City, we have invested considerable time and resources with our partners to create an inclusive community that accepts everyone for who they are. Our values, approved by Council, include that the City, in all its dealings with others, will demonstrate respect and treat everyone as we would like to be treated. We are proud signatories to the Sacichawasihc Agreement and in recognition of the deep respect we hold, we fly the Treaty Six flag outside of City Hall proudly for all to see. It is our goal to be an inclusive community where our cultural diversity and history is embraced and celebrated. A community where our residents are engaged, healthy, and proud to call North Battleford home.


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