City of North Battleford - Saskatchewan
Fire Ban Lifted
Exercise caution while operating your approved fire pit
May 28th 2020

The fire ban that was put in place for the City of North Battleford on April 22nd, 2020 has been lifted. Environmental conditions have improved to a level that allows burning to take place.

No new fire pit permit applications will be inspected until the social distancing requirements because of COVID-19 are lifted. Residents are encouraged to restrain from applying for a fire pit permit until then.

Exercise caution while operating your approved fire pit, including:

  • Maintain close supervision of the fire

  • Have an adequate supply of water available to extinguish or control the fire

  • Properly extinguish the fire after use

  • Pay close attention to wind conditions and potential spark hazards

Contact the North Battleford Fire Department at 306-445-1770 with any concerns or questions.

For more information:

Lindsay Holm, Director Of Protective Services/Fire Chief
306-445-1777 |

Dustin Tungilik MacDonald, Communications Administrator
306-445-1713 |

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