City of North Battleford - Saskatchewan
City Applies for MEEP Funding
MEEP is an excellent opportunity to create well-paying jobs in our local economy
May 20th 2020

City of North Battleford Council approved the City Administration’s recommendation to apply for the Municipal Economic Enhancement Program (MEEP) 2020, for two large projects at the Special Council meeting held on May 19th.

MEEP is a grant-based program provided by the Provincial Government and will be distributed to individual municipalities on a per capita basis, based on the 2016 Canadian Census population numbers. The program will provide $150 million to municipalities to support investments in infrastructure to stimulate economic recovery and encourage local job creation.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has brought the Global and National economy to a standstill, and MEEP is an excellent opportunity to create well-paying jobs in our local economy. The two projects that the City will apply to MEEP funding are the Carlton Trail Roadway Project and the 100th Street Service Project.

Economic opportunities will increase because of improved roadways that can appropriately handle increased traffic volumes. Driver safety will be improved because Carlton Trail will be able to accommodate the increased traffic as the design will be guided by traffic analysis. Design by traffic analysis creates safer and easier access for all users of the roadway.

If approved by the Province the bulk of the budgeted cost, $1.45 million for the Carlton Trail Roadway Project and $750,000 for the 100th Street Service Project would be funded by MEEP. Resulting in an estimated 90% reduction of borrowing that was originally planned for the Carlton Trail Roadway Project.

Both of these projects can be completed this summer, bringing immediate improvement for businesses, increased business opportunities and improved driving access for consumers. All at a vastly reduced cost to the City because of MEEP.

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