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Completion of 1100 Block of 100 Street UPAR
Another stage of Downtown revitalization has been completed
September 19th 2019

Another stage of Downtown revitalization has been completed. A ribbon-cutting ceremony that reopened the 1100 Block of 100th Street was completed this morning at 8:00 am, to the delight of everyone.

This infrastructure project replaced a problematic section of 60-year old water main and replaced all of the water and sewer service pipes to the buildings adjacent to the street. Some of these connections were lead pipes that were installed over 100-years ago. This investment drastically improves the quality and safety of water for our City today and the future.

Badly deteriorated sidewalks and roadway have been replaced, enhancing the overall aesthetic of Downtown North Battleford. Improvements to the streetscape include accent paving, stonework, tree planting, benches, lighting, bollards, waste bins and decorative banners.

A walkable Downtown is fundamental to a vibrant Downtown and is key to pedestrian safety. Curb extensions at intersections shorten the crossing distance and time pedestrians are in the street. They also improve the ability for pedestrians and motorists to see each other. As well the curb extension facilitates more orderly parking.

Underground work was performed by Unicon Pipelines Limited and roadways work was performed by K&S Asphalt.

Thank you to the public who continued to support affected businesses during our short construction season.

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Jennifer Niesink, Director of Planning and Development
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Dustin Tungilik MacDonald, Communications Administrator
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