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2019 No Frills Block Parties
Block parties are a fun way to introduce your neighbourhood to each other
March 26th 2019

2019 No Frills Block Parties


Frazer’s No Frills is the official sponsor of
block parties in the City of North Battleford for 2019. This partnership with the City of North Battleford will provide block party organizers with a 200-dollar No Frills food voucher. City Council has waived the application fee for block parties this year as well.

Block parties are a fun way to introduce your neighbourhood to each other. Neighbours that know each other look out for each other, they feel a sense of community and belonging.

Changing strangers to neighbours increases your safety and security and provides you with opportunities to save time and money. When you know your neighbours, it is easier to spot unusual activity and more likely your neighbours will tell you about something unusual around your home. It is an opportunity to share skills or resources, they might be able to assist you with new technologies and they could assist you with harvesting your vegetable garden. The opportunities are endless.

There are many locations to host your block party, these different locations provide for different party activities.

  • Your Street/Block – A street closure and barricades are required. This is great for getting the whole block together.

  • Your Lawn/Backyard – Some blocks are smaller and a lawn/backyard can be the perfect place to host.

  • Your AlleyBecause the people behind you are your neighbours as well.

  • A City ParkFree to use, spacious and has playgrounds, great for young families. However, please call 306-445-1755 so extra trash bins are available. Bring a BBQ, no portable fire pits permitted.

  • Don Ross Community CentreWeatherproof, great for parties of any sizes and features a kitchen. Booking a facility can be done in person at the Don Ross Centre, by phone at 306-445-1755 or 306-445-1790.

  • Credit Union CUplexBooking a facility can be done in person at the Don Ross Centre, by phone at 306-445-1755 or 306-445-1790, block parties at the CUplex are ineligible for the 200-dollar food voucher.

    • Battlefords CO-OP Aquatic CentreNo matter the weather, the Aquatic Centre is a fun place for a block party, comes with food options.

    • NationsWEST Field HouseWeatherproof and with many sports available to play, food options available and the bouncy houses can be rented.

There are many activities that can make your block party fun, unique and memorable.

  • Live music have a local band show off their talents.

  • Paint a street mural – they are great in calming traffic, encouraging drivers to slow down.

  • Plant gardens – an alley party could have everyone plant something in their alley and get together again after harvest for a potluck.

  • Games from bean bag toss to trivia, games are fun for everyone.

  • Art alley – beautify your back alley with a neighbourhood art alley project.

  • Invite the Fire Department – when has your fire extinguisher last been checked? Or organize home fire safety checks.

  • CUplex funbubble soccer, swimming, turf time, sports and bouncy houses (additional cost for some items).

  • Cleaning party – beautify your neighbourhood with everyone lending a hand.

Food is a great way to bring people together, it could be a fun way to get to know someone culturally as well. There are many options for feeding a block party.

  • Barbecue

    • The host provides the BBQ and guests bring their own meat.

    • Organizers purchase all that is needed and neighbours provide some money.

    • Grill stations, certain foods cooked on specific grills.

  • Picnic – everyone brings their own meal.

  • Potluck – everyone brings one dish to share with everyone. This is a great way to share your cultural foods with the neighbourhood.

  • Catered – everyone pitches in on the cost and the meal is purchased.

  • Cook-off – organizers pick a theme for the friendly competition and everyone cooks their favourite dish.

  • Backyard Campfire – have neighbours over to roast some hot dogs and marshmallows, if you have a safe fire pit.

Hosting and attending a block party is a great way to make your neighbourhood a safer and friendlier space. Once you know everyone you could add yourselves to a social media group, set up a group email/chat and everyone can easily keep informed about the neighbourhood. You could find your new fishing partner, round out the curling team, form a bulk buying group or find the best and closest babysitter.

Visit for a block party planning guide, the block party application and printable resources to help you to reach your neighbours.

For more information:

Dustin Tungilik MacDonald, Communications Administrator
306-445-1713 |

Ryan Mackrell, City Planner
306-445-1705 |

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