City of North Battleford - Saskatchewan
RM of North Battleford No. 437 Fire Service Notice
It has been the City’s pleasure to serve you
March 14th 2019

The City of North Battleford would like to express its appreciation to the residents and businesses for the years of providing full-time professional fire services to the RM of North Battleford No. 437. It has been the City’s pleasure to serve you.

The City of North Battleford has continued to provide service to RM residents while your municipality made arrangements for a new volunteer fire service. That support will end on March 31, 2019. The City will no longer service the RM after March 31. At that time, the RM will be fully responsible for all fire and emergency services to all residents and businesses within the municipality.

Those businesses that need to have approved emergency plans, please contact the RM to renew them as previous approvals were reviewed under the authority of the City’s Fire Service. Effective April 1, the City’s Fire Department no longer has statutory authority to provide reviews.

Should you have any question about your fire services, please contact the RM for details.

Thank you


Dr. Randy Patrick
City Manager, City of North Battleford

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