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Snow Angels
Community is Opportunity
November 13th 2018

The City of North Battleford and the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) committee are committed to enabling residents to build strong communities in their neighbourhood. Block parties, street murals and the Eyes That Care program are tools the City uses to help neighbours to connect with each other. Once neighbours meet, they can build relationships. Residents enhance their neighbourhoods with continued communication, building trust and respect. No place is perfect, but a place with a strong sense of community is a place of opportunity. Opportunity to improve safety, by looking out for each other, like making sure your neighbourhood knows they left their garage door open. Opportunity to benefit families, by forming a walking school bus, or finding childcare just next door.

The City and CPTED understand that anyone can get a little nervous when meeting someone new. A simple “hello” and introduction is an easy way to change “strangers” into neighbours. A note is a quick easy way to introduce yourself if you are not aware of your neighbours hours or if you are an introvert. It can be as simple as the sample below.


Hello neighbour!

I/we:   □ would like to welcome you to the neighbourhood

          □ have met you a time or two

          □ have known you for a while


And would like to:  □ say hi and introduce myself/family

                              □ invite you to have ________________

                              □ say I’m/we’re here to help if you need anything

                              □ invite you to a neighbourhood event

                                         When: ____________ Where: _____________

                              □ be your Snow Angel if you need the assistance



Phone number:


The City of North Battleford encourages residents to become a Snow Angel to their neighbours. The Snow Angel program encourages healthy, willing residents of North Battleford to assist others when clearing snow from sidewalks. A Snow Angel could clear a sidewalk for a neighbour who is elderly, has health or mobility restrictions, or is away on vacation. Being a Snow Angel is a way to bring your neighbourhood closer and an excellent volunteer opportunity for the entire family to do together.

Residents who have received a helping hand with snow clearing are encouraged to nominate their helper as a Snow Angel. Each nominee receives a signed thank you certificate from the Mayor and is entered into a draw to win a $50.00 gift card, courtesy of the City of North Battleford. When you submit your nomination please include your nominee’s name and address. Snow Angel nominations can be dropped off at City Hall at 1291-101st Street, or emailed to or mailed to City Hall to:

City of North Battleford
PO Box 460
North Battleford, Saskatchewan
S9A 2Y6

In the darker months, a Snow Angel is a positive relationship with neighbours that help create a rich social fabric. Connected neighbours build healthy neighbourhoods, removing feelings of isolation and loneliness. The City is excited to receive nominations for Snow Angels this snow season.

For more information:

Dustin Tungilik MacDonald, Acting Communications Coordinator
306-445-1713 |


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