City of North Battleford - Saskatchewan
Fire Ban Lifted
Fire Ban Lifted for the City of North Battleford and RM of North Battleford
June 1st 2018

The fire ban that was put in place for the City of North Battleford and the RM of North Battleford on May 1st 2018 has been lifted.

Please ensure you burn responsibly, although the grass has greened and we have wet weather, it doesn’t take much for the ground to dry out and become a higher risk.

If you are in the City of North Battleford and want to use a fire pit you need a permit. To get a permit visit City Hall and pay a $20 fee and then make arrangements with the Fire Department for an inspection.  Review the City of North Battleford Rules and Regulations for fire pits by visiting this link:

For more information:
Dustin Tungilik MacDonald, Acting Communication Coordinator
306-445-1713 |

Trevor Brice, Fire Chief / Director Of Protective Services
306-445-1779 |


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