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Secret Santa decorates Downtown trees
News Release
December 22nd 2017

“I make downtown inviting for citizens and tourists.”  “I am happy to be rooted here.” "Thank you for planting me, City of North Battleford.”

These are just three of the notes that you can currently read on star-shaped tree ornaments beautifying the newly planted trees in Downtown North Battleford.

Ryan MacKrell, City Planner, is excited to see the public interact with the space in a unique and positive way. “These reactions validate the work that goes in to planning the redevelopment of Downtown”, he says. “I hope, as we continue to work Downtown, more people will have connections like this.”

We don’t know who this Secret Santa is (and he probably had help from his elves, too), but we would like to thank them for taking the time out of their busy schedules to create these ornaments and decorate the trees.


For more information:

Susanne Abe, Communication Coordinator, 306-445-1710

Ryan MacKrell, City Planner, 306-445-1705

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