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Chapel Gallery

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Hours of Operation

The Gallery and all exhibits are closed until further notice.

Special events/meeting/wedding rentals are available at this venue. For more information contact Central Booking are 306-445-1755.

 Chapel Gallery

The Chapel Gallery provides public access to and ownership of the art heritage of the Battlefords' region and the province of Saskatchewan. Annually the gallery features hundreds of regional artists and dozens of exhibitions, public programs, and enhances the professional development of local emerging and professional artists through workshops as well as offering youth-based and school programs.

Art Exhibitions

 The Chapel Gallery showcases the artistic heritage of our region and by doing so we host numerous exhibitions featuring work of emerging artists from around the prairies and Canada. Two exhibitions are presented simultaneously in the Main Gallery, and in the Window Gallery, which runs 4-8 weeks in duration depending on the exhibition. Make sure to check out the great view of the North Saskatchewan River from the patio of The Chapel Gallery. It's a breathtaking sight that compliments every visit to The Chapel Gallery in North Battleford!

Exhibition Receptions

Exhibition Receptions are held every 6-8 weeks and offer an opportunity to gather, communicate, and learn more about the current art scene. It's a place to meet new people, gather with friends, and take a beautiful break from our busy lives to enjoy art. Our exhibition receptions are informal, and are "come and go". We have created a very welcoming environment that features artist talks, live music, and refreshments. These receptions are a great chance to have a night out on the town and experience some art and culture in your community! Everyone is welcome and it is free to attend. Refreshments are by donation.

The Chapel Gallery is occasionally closed due to private rentals. For more information or to inquire about renting the gallery, please call the Allen Sapp Gallery at 306-445-1760.

Gallery Membership

Support your local galleries and become a Gallery Member! By being a member you contribute to the art and culture of our community. Membership is valid at both The Allen Sapp Gallery and The Chapel Gallery. It includes a subscription to our newsletter, invitations to events and receptions, unique opportunities to participate in member exhibitions, a 10% discount at the Allen Sapp Gallery Gift Shop, and discounts at select North Battleford businesses.

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