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Residential Lot Sales (April 9, 2018)

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* Fairview Heights offers a variety of options for people wishing to locate to North Battleford. The neighbourhood design includes single and multi-family residential lots, provision for future school development and recent investments in playground equipment, sporting fields and courts. The neighbourhood has close proximity to both commercial districts and is within walking distance to the Trans Canada walking trail that leads to retailers such as CO-OP, Sobeys and Tim Horton’s to name a few.

Killdeer Park

Fairview Heights lot sale & development bid information and bid forms.

This mature neighbourhood was originally developed as predominantly larger single-family housing.  The local real estate will attest that Killdeer Park tends to sustain high resale values.  Recent activity has encouraged the private land ownership group to list the property for sale and has even explored concepts of the next phase of development for this area.  The neighbourhood is directly situated behind the Sobeys and Tim Horton’s development and is connected to the Trans Canada walking trail.

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Infill Lots

Infill development in its simplest form is the development or redevelopment of land that has been bypassed, remained vacant, and or is underutilized as a result of the continuing development process.  Infill development can occur anywhere where a parcel of land is underutilized or misused compared to the surrounding land use activities.

The inner city of North Battleford is home to many vacant lot opportunities.  Some of these lots are owned by the city but, most are owned privately.  There are also a number of housing units that may not meet the building and health standards.