City of North Battleford - Saskatchewan

Downtown & King Street Station

Downtown North Battleford is the heart of the community with many historic treasures, plenty of real estate opportunities and reasons to invest.

Downtown Land Inventory

Downtown FCity of North Battleford Downtownacts

- An economic opportunity for small business entrepreneurs to own their own bricks and mortar and enter a niche market.
- An average of 5,000 vehicles passes through the intersection of Highway 4 (100th Street) and 11th Avenue at North Battleford's entrance intersection daily.
- Seat of Municipal Government.
- Downtown financial centre of North Battleford. Major banks include RBC Financial, CIBC, TD, Bank of Montreal, Scotia Bank, and Innovation Credit Union.
- The major central area of the city employs municipal staff, professional lawyers, accountants, clinical staff and financial institution employees.
- More than 7,000 vehicles per day travelling Railway Avenue.
- Free parking available all throughout downtown.
- North Battleford Public Library and Central Park offer to programs for all ages and families.
- Downtown North Battleford is also home of the world-renowned Allen Sapp Gallery and Gonor Collection.
- King Street Station’s unique hand chiselled sculptured brick murals celebrate the rich history of the North Battleford area and attract the attention of many tourists.
- Home of RCMP Detachment that encourages a highly visible police force.

King Street Station

Within King Street, there are a variety of businesses and services already established including all five national banking institutions on King Street (CIBC, TD, RBC, BMO, and Scotia Bank). These range from financial services to art galleries, beauty services, restaurants, smaller retailers, provincial stores, and police services. The newer constructed developments within “King Street Station” have been of the Saskatchewan Liquor Board Store and the RCMP. Other current retailers, or restaurants have used heritage buildings, which they have renovated and used the history and architecture of the buildings to their advantage.

This signature development is part of an overall revitalization plan for the central business district.