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The City of North Battleford operates the water utility for local residents and businesses. Billing is done quarterly.

How to Pay

  • In person at City Hall (1291-101st Street) between 8:00am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.
  • At your bank in person or via telephone banking.
  • Utilize the drop box located near the north entrance of City Hall (1291-101st Street).
  • Sign up under the Water Installment Payment Plan Service (W.I.P.P.S.). to pay monthly. Payments are made through direct debit from your bank account.

Please call our Utilities Clerk at 306-445-1707 for more information.

All other utilities available within the City of North Battleford are operated by the following companies:

Electricity: SaskPower, 1-888-SKPOWER

Gas: SaskEnergy, 1-800-567-8899

Telephone, Digital TV, Internet: SaskTel, 1-800-SASKTEL

Cable TV/Internet: Access Communication, 1-306-445-4045

Vehicle and Home Insurance: SGI, 1-800-667-8015


Lead service lines:
Minimizing Exposure to Lead from Drinking Water

Through a process called corrosion lead can leach from lead service water lines into drinking water and can be harmful to human health, especially for young children, infants and pregnant women. 
Acoording to files, there are 369 properties in the City of North Battleford with lead service lines. The City of North Battleford offers an Annual Monitoring Program to those properties (usually gets sent out in August) to test the drinking water for lead levels. Results are provided to each property.

The best option to reduce the exposure to lead from lead service lines is to remove those lines and replace them with plastic pipe. There are two options available for City residents:

Replacement in conjunction with the Underground Pipe and Asphalt Replacement (UPAR) Program: 306-445-1700

Replacement outside of UPAR: 306-445-1700



Map: Potential Lead Services Area in North Battleford

Water Talk, Health Canada




City Hall

(water inquiries only)


306-445-0411 (fax)


Jayne Halpenny

Utility Clerk




Sign up for W.I.P.P.S


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