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Have a Block Party

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Block parties are a great way to build friendships and improve your community.

Neighbourhood Block Party

When you know your neighbours: 

- It is easier to get help from neighbours you
know in a medical or other emergency than
from a friend 10 minutes away. 

- Streets are safer and people are healthier and happier.

Block parties don’t have to be a lot of work.
It can be as easy as inviting your neighbours
over for a BBQ or a potluck dinner.

If you want your block party to block off the street, call City Hall at 306-445-1700.

For block parties in 2016, the City has waived the permit fee of $25! So, take advantage of it and organize a party with your neighbours today!

The following documents will help you to make sure your block party is a success and will lead to friendships and more block parties to come:

North Battleford Block Party Guide

Temporary Street Use Permit - Block Party Application

Block Party Handout   


Download the Residential Security Brochure for tipps and checklists on how to improve the safety of your home, property and neighbourhood.

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