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Bylaws are the laws of a municipality that are set to govern the internal affairs and management of the organization. Civic Bylaws serve to protect the well-being of citizens by keeping the City clean, healthy and safe. Bylaws are created, interpreted and administered by a number of City departments and divisions. The City Clerk’s office retains the original version of each Bylaw and will provide a hard copy upon request.

If a bylaw has been amended, the bylaw and its amendments have been combined into one consolidated document.  Consolidated copies of the Bylaws are not Official Copies of the Bylaws but are provided solely for research convenience; they cannot be guaranteed for accuracy. Official Bylaws and their related amendments are available from the City Clerk’s Office and should be consulted for the purposes of interpretation and application of the law.

 If you cannot locate a Bylaw you are looking for, please contact the Office of the City Clerk.      

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Municipal Enforcement: Community Safety Enhancement Program

As North Battleford experiences growth and prosperity, so does the need for more resources to work collectively towards a safer community. In conjunction with the Saskatchewan Government the city has been granted two additional appointments, as special constables/peace officers under Part V of the Saskatchewan Police Act 1990.

This will bring our municipal enforcement team to six members in total. Although they are appointed as Special Constables/Peace Officers we will refer to them now as Community Safety Officers. They have been granted increased authority under nine provincial statutes which now includes traffic enforcement, but should not be confused with our RCMP Officers which have a broader range of enforcement, authority and responsibilities.

Another Municipal Enforcement Picture

The term community safety goes be on just the enforcement component. This philosophy will allow us to engage and work collectively with many community stakeholders and organizations in order to foster and promote a positive community image and reputation towards a safe community. 

Community Safety Officers will be conducting foot patrols of downtown, parks, recreational areas and facilities. In conjunction with our RCMP members our unit patrols have now been expanded into evenings and weekends.

Community Safety Officers are distinct and separate from regular RCMP members, and they are considered to be a municipal element to assist the local RCMP detachment. The primary purpose of Community Safety Officer is to assist the RCMP members and enhance service delivery in the community by:

  • providing assistance with lower-level, lower-risk tasks, as directed, to alleviate regular RCMP officers from such tasks, thereby providing the detachment with more capacity to serve the community and to maintain high visibility while patrolling neighbourhoods.
  • assisting in community and public events by providing a visible presence to the community, to promote safety and security, where the presence of a regular RCMP can be supplemented and reduced.
  • act as a liaison between regular RCMP officers and the community, as appropriate, to assist the RCMP detachment to effectively serve the citizens within our city.
  • assist RCMP officers in order to maximize their available proactive policing time.

Community Safety Officers will begin to assist RCMP officers with various tasks, including picking up statements, attending non-injury accidents, participating in parades and events, outside perimeter security, service of documents, traffic duties (such as school zones).  

The Community Safety Officers are available city-wide and work 10-hour shifts 24/7 during business hours, evenings and weekends for maximum coverage.

The realignment of municipal enforcement and refocus of our Community Safety Officers, will assist the Battleford's RCMP to dedicate resources more collectively towards crime prevention.



Municipal Enforcement



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To engage our community to create and nurture a healthy and sustainable environment in which we can live and work safely.



A successful municipal enforcement unit, engaging a great community, promoting an exceptional place to call home for our residents and recurrent visitors.

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