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North Battleford Planning and Development provides planning, development, and bylaw services to individuals, community groups and businesses.

Through community engagement and consultation, the City Planner seeks to understand the values of the community, and reflect those values through the implementation of development policies, programs, bylaws and standards. 

The department ensures the appropriate guidelines, regulations, tools and services are in place to build a sustainable and safe community.  These may include district planning, future growth, land use and zoning policy, development review, planning for new neighbourhoods, revitalizing existing neigborhoods, affordable housing, community safety, community and demographic research, heritage management and bylaw enforcement.  The City Planner works with community, business, First Nations and regional partners to foster mutually supportive relationships and sustainable development throughout the City and area. 

Official Community Plan

Forward 2030

What is an OCP?

The Official Community Plan is a report of objectives and policies to guide municipal decisions on planning.

Why an OCP?

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is required under the Planning Act and is integral to the evolution of North Battleford. This plan is an opportunity to visualize possibilities and prioritize change when it comes to infrastructure, transportation, the local economy, demographics and our history. The existing OCP is dated and the City of North Battleford is being proactive in preparing for the future.

Who is Involved?

The OCP project leaders are the City of North Battleford along with Crosby, Hanna and Associates. Together, we are consulting with all City departments as well as community groups involved with Justice, First Nations, Health, Education and Social Services.


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